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2 Subscription Programs


UNIQR lite


Best for individuals and small businesses.
Image-to-QR is yours for a cup of coffee.
Great for digital display, stickers and paper.


Unlimited QR codes, no watermark.

Unlimited dynamic QRs.

Use HD images (940px).

Control scanning strength.



Our all-access program for professionals.
Design QRs that raise the highest bars.
Recommended for merch-quality printing.


Includes UNIQR lite, plus:

Full customization features.

Use professional-grade images (up to 1960px).



Generate PiQ codes programmatically!

(Includes UNIQR PRO)

Quickstart Guide

Frequently asked questions

We support just about all formats that your browser can handle (JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, etc.).

Yes. Click on the top right burger menu ( ) to manage your subscription.

As many as you want! Although, if you need hundreds (or thousands), it will probably take a while to make them on our web editor. Please contact us for API access if you need to generate large numbers of QR codes! (additional pricing may apply)


If you want to learn to control scanning strength like a pro, check out our Scanning Guide. However, please keep in mind that scannability ultimately depends on the camera, the software, and the lighting of the environment.

To create a corporate account, Please contact us!

Yes - start from the big red card above that says "UNIQR API".

Dynamic QRs are offered to our PRO/lite subscribers at no extra cost, with no limitations on the number of QRs or scans. In other words, you will never be charged more than your subscription, regardless of the number of QRs or scans.