Every QR, a blank canvas

Our goal is simple: to enrich the physical world with the power of the Web.


The Web has come to host applications and services that fulfill our everyday needs. However, little has changed about how we access them: the search bar, and the app icon; both of which rely on the user to provide the context needed by the application.

We believe that the next evolution of the Web will see us embedding the context directly into our environments; accessing the riches of the web will be as easy as pointing your phone in the right direction.


Out of the twists and turns of recent history, the QR code has emerged as the global standard, enabling our vision of the Augmented Environment. However, one flaw still stands in the way: beauty.

For the QR code to truly surpass its predecessor (the barcode) and reach ubiquity, it must improve our environment not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

As such, our first step as UNIQR has been to research and experiment with every possible way of introducing human aesthetics into functional QRs. We're happy to report that it was a success - you'll find the results on this website.

- Pete, CEO