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World's first PiQ Code Generator

First design in seconds .
Unlimited usage.

No apps, quotes, or "request a demo" buttons.
We believe in software that delivers right now, or never.

Throw in your brand, product, art. Find out what your best image looks like as a scannable portal to your web - for free.

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Goodbye, 1994

The QR code was invented in 1994 to label car parts - Before smartphones, WIFI, or even DVD 🀯
It's time for an upgrade.


PiQ Codes!

"Picture-in-QR" Codes


Engineered for a visual culture, PiQ Codes are an exciting new way of communicating with others, and the world. Save a thousand words - catch eyes with your most captivating image, and send them to your web with a scan.

Make it worth a scan

Engage the world with your best image.

If it's worth pointing a camera at, it's worth scanning.

Whether it's customers, fans or audience, PiQ codes are just the extra edge you need for genuine scan-based engagement.

Turn conventional wisdom on its head, and save time and money on design. The marketing world is shifting to a "scan-first" paradigm - find your place with us.

PiQ Codes in action

You can fit them just about everywhere: Screens, paper, plastic, fabric.

Leave an impression with a unique design.

Curiosity is a great motivator 🍰

The scan is where it all begins.

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Not convinced?

UNIQR is more than Picture-in-QR.
We believe it's time we ask for more from our QRs.
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UNIQR Dynamics

QR codes that move

Software QRs that move to meet your needs.
Unlimited dynamic QRs with no extra cost.
Offered to all UNIQR PRO/lite subscribers.

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Unique means secure.

Tamper-resistant QR.
Scams rely on QR codes that look alike.
Solution is simple - become harder to copy.

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